Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just Another Boring Status Report...

Well, what I can say? It looks like this is taking more time than I have expected. No doubt, most people would think that the game is in a limbo right now, but it really isn't. But to be fairly honest, I do have to admit that it's been a while since I touched the gm file. I've been distracted by a lot of things lately, and not all of it has something to do with my work. There was this new android phone that I recently got (oh, the Android is a really neat OS, btw), that brand new PSP that I've been fooling around for weeks, and then a bunch of other gadgets most people probably won't care about. What can I do? I'm a gadget freak. It's one of my greater vices (aside from slacking off, I guess.)

Still, this doesn't mean that nothing's been done since my last post. I've done plenty of stuff, actually. I'm all done with the art assets for the expansion. That's one of the things with working lo-fi, you can get things done at a much faster rate. The thing that's really holding me back is actually the writing itself. I guess it can't be helped, I'm just not that good of a writer. Terrible actually.

The moral lesson? I guess I better make a game that doesn't involve a lot of writing next time.

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