Friday, April 16, 2010

What I've been up to...

I realize that the posts have been getting shorter and less frequent (drastically so) as time went on. There isn't a legitimate excuse for this. The truth is, I've been slacking off ever since I finally upgraded my internet service to an unlimited data plan (it used to be 3gb permonth with 5 cent permb after the 3gb quota has been exceeded.) I pretty much went wild after the internet service upgrade, I wasted 26gb in a mere 15days on youtubing, reading manga, and, uh... pr0n (what? don't give me that condescending look :/).

So uh, anyway, progress on Neverwhere is a tad bit slow, but it's getting there. Seriously considering the possibilty of holding off the release until I can get the next episode ready though.

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