Friday, March 19, 2010

Lethargy strikes!

I haven't done much in terms of productivity after finishing 44 tiles for SD. I just feel extremely exhausted at the moment. I can't even muster the enthusiasm to play the games I've been looking forward to. Yeah, it's that bad. This is pretty much something I go through every once in a while.

As for Neverwhere, well, I don't have anything new to add unfortunately. It's still going through the playtesting stage.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Misc stuff

This last few weeks have been emotionally and physically taxing. Retail work tend to have that effect on people. I'm sick of dealing with buyers who are insistent on haggling down to unreasonable prices. I'm sick of dealing people who expect the sellers to treat them as royalty. And I'm sick of persuading people to raise their offering price (it's not like I'm making a killer profit out of it anyway!) This is what I have to go through during the day. By the time I get back from work, I'm just too tired to deal people. All I wanted to do is watch TV, play some games, and get in bed. Heh, well, that's my life for you. Or the lack thereof. You decide.